Sunshine Behavioral Medicine

For Health and Restoration of
Mind and Body...

Our Mission:

For the purpose of medicine has ever been to restore health, alleviate pain and suffering and preserve life so long possible, Sunshine Behavioral Medicine shall perpetually strive to provide the highest quality mental health and psychiatric services for a full range of emotional disorders, mental ailments and infirmities, and disorders of mind-body interaction, using advanced science and technology, with empathy, compassion and regard for human dignity.

Our Vision:

Restoration and Maintenance of the Optimal level of Mental and Physical Health to those we serve, to achieve their highest Potential, to Thrive as Healthy, Independent and Functioning members of the community, to make their productive and creative contributions, in pursuit of their peace and happiness.

K. Shams, M.D., Medical Director

Our Services

101 S. Jefferson Street, Pensacola, FL , 32502