Who are the Normal People?

  • April 18, 2019
  • /   K. Shams, M.D.
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black and white profile of woman holding bridge of nose in pain

Who are the Normal People?


“Normal” for living organisms and people is a state of physical, mental and social adaptation, and adjustment. For the purpose of this writing, a normal person is described as an average, relatively healthy person and a fairly adjusted member of the society with some values and virtues, is socially responsible, a law obeying citizen, respectful of civic duties, probably maintaining a spiritual orientation, usually holding a job and trying to meet financial obligations with a fairly balanced work, rest and play schedule, most likely just like you and me and others!


Demons of normal people are personal inadequacies and shortcomings that make life stressful, hard and laborious for a normal individual. In this writing, some of the major demons commonly noticed in normal people are identified and explored for better understanding as follows: 


·       Demon of Emotional Illiteracy (Lack of emotional education and intelligence)

·       Demon of Feeble Communication (The Importance of Communication)

·       Demon of Listening Disability (Listening disability is a serious and potentially fatal handicap)

·       Demon of Social and Financial Ignorance

·       Demon of Dysfunctional Relations

·       Demons of Anxiety and Depression

·       Demons of Alcohol, Street and Prescription Drug Abuse


The full article is available to established patients of the Sunshine Behavioral Medicine by request.