5 Warning Signs That Someone You Love Is in Crisis and Needs Help

  • December 11, 2019
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signs of someone in crisis

People who struggle with mental health challenges or are in drug recovery often worry about falling into a dark mental state. They want to stay above their illness, but they can’t always ignore their demons. Many feel ashamed if their illness creeps back up, or they don’t want to admit that they’re using drugs again. Instead, they suffer in silence, trying to hide their crisis from friends, family, and significant others. 

Hiding these needs and behaviors can make it hard for the person’s loved ones to know that they need help. Loved ones would help -- if they knew it was needed. 

To help you realize if it may be time to step in, here are a few signs of someone in crisis. If you see your loved one engaging in these activities or habits, it might be time to offer help or seek professional help. 

#1) They Avoid You and Other Social Interactions

Withdrawal is common in people who are experiencing a crisis. They are going through so much already that they can’t add on additional social interactions. The idea of meeting up with someone or going out to a party seems like an almost impossible task – and may be impossible if they are falling into drug use

Keep an eye out to see if your loved one has been too busy to engage socially or if there are deeper reasons why they haven’t been around.  

#2) They Are Struggling to Fulfill Obligations

Outside of social interactions, someone in a crisis will also start missing their day-to-day obligations. For example, they might not be able to pick their child up from school, or they could call out of work. This is a significant warning sign that their mental health or drug use has gotten out of hand.   

#3) They Rely More Heavily on Substances like Alcohol

When your loved one is in a crisis, they may turn to other vices as an escape from the pain they are in. These escapes range from person to person and can include alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, food, video games, and even seemingly healthy choices like exercising. These vices are often done in excess and become the main focus of your loved one in a crisis. 

#4) They Recently Experienced Significant Life Stress

Trauma in life can cause someone in a crisis to experience a significant setback in their mental health. Losing a job, breaking up with a significant other, or a death in the family causes significant pain for anyone but can send a person in a fragile state into an even darker place. Check on your loved ones frequently when they are going through a bad experience or feeling significant stress in life. Not only are they juggling these negative life occurrences, but they are also trying to fight their demons as well. 

#5) They Have Stopped Caring for Themselves

A lack of self-care is one of the main warning signs of someone in crisis. Look for a lack of hygiene or dirty clothes that show how that person is no longer showing, shaving, and caring about their appearance. Mood disorders and depression force you to believe that your appearance is ugly or that no one cares how you look, while someone struggling with drugs might not notice their current state. This can be a major warning sign that someone should seek help for mental health

When to Talk to Someone About Your Loved One

If you are starting to notice the signs of someone in crisis, know that you aren’t alone. You can reach out to mental health professionals to guide you through this difficult time. 

Contact our team at Sunshine Health and tell us about your friend or family member who needs help. We can walk you through the steps that help guide them toward the treatment they need.