Cost Of Services

Cost of Services

Financial and Insurance Acceptance and Methods of Payment Policies

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The cost of medical services at Sunshine Behavioral Medicine is based on a FEE SCHEDULE. The patients are informed and can inquire about the cost of any service and procedure in advance by asking in person or calling Billings and Scheduling services at (850) 360-4147.

Sunshine Behavioral Medicine accepts insurance payments after deductibles and copayments are met. OUT OF NETWORK COPAYMENTS May Apply. Payments should be made by Cash, Credit Card or Debit Cards. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS.
We accept insurance as partial or whole payment by prior authorization of the patient's insurance company. Depending on HOW MUCH OF OUR STANDARD FEES ARE COVERED by the insurance payment, the patients are responsible for uncovered balance of our fees. Such amounts should be paid by the patient as services are rendered. Authorization for payment of the services to Sunshine Behavioral Medicine by the insurance companies could be made by phone call or in writing from the insurance company.

There is a $10.00 fee for billing the insurance companies and a fee of 2% of the all the charges for payments by charge cards. Insurance billing fees and charge card fees are not covered by the insurance companies and should be paid by cash or credit or debit card on each visit.
All payments are due and complete as the services are rendered. All sales are final and here is No Refund for ascribed Services.

The patient should appreciate that the services rendered are independent of payment method and there is no warranty or promises as to what Treatment will be rendered or what prescription is written or what procedure is performed. These depend on physician's decision. We discourage the patient discussing their payments and fees with the physician and clinicians as they are not involved in payment arrangements and unable to make changes.

Sunshine Behavioral Medicine is a private medical facility operating independent of public funding. We encourage the patients and will gladly assist the patient unable to meet our finical requirements to seek alternative medical services at public facilities. 

There is a $100.00 no show fee for the physician and a $50.00 no show fee for other health care professionals for appointments not cancelled within 48 hours in advance.

Future appointments are made only when payments are current, and no balance is carried.