Geriatric Mental Health and Psychiatry

Geriatric Mental Health and Psychiatry

older patient talking with healthcare professional


Geriatric Psychiatry has evolved out of clinical concerns for the mental and psychiatric care of the elderly at extended and long-term care facilities. Supportive medical psychiatric care enhances the quality of life for our elderly and contributes to their clinical success. Elderly patients with a variety of psychiatric symptoms can benefit from our services as part of their comprehensive plan of care.


This includes individuals with symptoms such as: 

• Depression 
• Combative Behavior or Refusal or Resistance to Care & Management 
• Agitation 
• Belligerence 
• Refusal to Eat 
• Pacing and Restlessness 
• Progressive Weight Loss 
• Confusion and Memory Loss 
• Irrational Fear and Paranoia 
• Non-Compliance with Medical Care 
• Persistent Pain

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Service Provisions

• Geriatric Psychiatric Services are provided by medical doctors specializing in psychiatric care of the elderly. 
• Services are provided promptly. We are available for emergencies and consultations. 
• Facilities will not be charged for these services; patients are billed for the services as outlined under "Cost of Services" in this brochure.