Tele-psychiatry and Mental Health Counseling:

black and white profile of woman holding bridge of nose in pain

To accommodate the patients and the Healthcare Service Providers with Time and Distance Concerns, Sunshine Behavioral Medicine provides On-Line Services, (also known as “Tele-Psychiatry” and “Tele-Mental Health Counseling”), on a case by case basis. ALL ON-LINE SERVICES REQUIRE AT LEAST ONE prior FACE TO FACE (IN PERSON) VISIT. Emergency Psychiatry and Urgent Mental Health Services are NOT provided On-Line.

On-Line Services are on a case by case basis and by advance arrangements. On-Line Services are conducted on highly secure systems to protect patent’s confidentiality. The patient can use the Sunshine Behavioral Medicine On-Line Offices or choose a distraction free location and appropriate Devices with efficient reception to allow voice and picture transfer. 

The costs of On-Line services are the same as face to face, in person.