Military Mental Health and Psychiatry

Military Mental Health and Psychiatry

military patient speaking with healthcare professional holding clipboard


The frequency of need for mental health care is about the same for military personnel as for civilians. Military personnel, however, have unique life experiences that can affect their mental health. These experiences include rapid changes and transitions in the life of military personnel and their families. Also included are adjustments to new assignments as well as combat and field related stresses. 

Emotional and mental disorders are among the leading causes of disability in military personnel as well as the cause of disruption in military families. Awareness of the special nature of mental and emotional disorders in military personnel has resulted in a special field of "Military Mental Health And Psychiatry" at Sunshine Behavioral Medicine. This unique program is designed to address the special needs of military men, women, and their families in our community.

The Program

The Military Mental Health and Psychiatry program includes: 

• Preparedness for assignment 
• Post-traumatic stress disorder 
• Gulf War syndrome 
• Parenting and family management 
• Shellshock syndrome 
• Combat fatigue 
• Adjustment disorders 
• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 

The process of entering the Military Mental Health and Psychiatric Program begins with a consultation with the psychiatrist. Based on this consultation, an individual treatment plan is developed that may include laboratory and psychological testing, medications, individual, group and family therapy, stress management, and other services as deemed necessary.